H.P. Lovecraft joins Dominion of the Gods from Comfy Chair Games

Comfy Chair Games is going insane and they’ve got the minis to prove it with adding Lovecraftian horrors to Dominion of the Gods.

From the update:

We are happy to announce the addition to the QuickStart box sets that are available for the Dominion of the gods, kickstarter campaign. This new QuickStart box set is based off the works of H.P. Lovecraft and is titled the “space and time box set.” This box set focuses on the creatures from Lovecraft’s Mythos that move through space and time.

In this box set you will find:
Yog-Sothoth (50 mm base)

Mi-go with lightning gun (40 mm base)

Mi-go with plasma ejector (40 mm base)

Shoggoth (40 mm base)

Keziah Mason with Brown Jenkin (40 mm base/possible extra 30 mm base for Brown)

What H.P. Lovecraft fanatic can say no to this box set? Come help us make this a reality and pledge to our kickstart campaign. We guarantee you will be happy you did.

  • blkdymnd

    Finally, some Dominion of the Gods news. This one seriously needs to get funded. Good original idea that’s not a copy of a video game or cartoon. I’ve only backed 4 Kickstarters, but I’m a sucker for mythology stuff, so I want this one to get going.

  • Veritas

    This game has promise, but that 35,000 initial funding barrier from a very indie studio is making things tough. I like the finished sculpts a lot, but most of the concept art is wretched. I think it speaks volumes of the sculptors they’ve gotten who can turn those concepts into some lovely figures. I’m not just trying to get on the guy’s case. I DID pledge for two starters, but I just think he could have used some more prep going into this Kickstarter. Or maybe just have started out running a mythological monster Kickstarter and then based on how successful that was running a rules Kickstarter after. I don’t know. It just seems he’s having a really tough time generating interest.

    • PlasticCabbage

      I have seen this said before and I want to point out my P.O.V. Patrick Keith (a Reaper sculptor) started his kickstarter (Bombshell babes) with a funding level of 20K and HE’S A SCULPTOR!!! He can do all the sculpts on his time as he wants. Here we have an Indy company asking for 15K more and you see that as a problem?
      I think the problem is people like you who claim to back the project, but then bad mouthing it. Wretched art? Really? Maybe not your taste, but wretched? The Achilles sculpt looks just like the art. I like the Mi-go art better than most Mi-go art I have seen.