GZG Xmas Offer update

Ground Zero Games have posted an update on the status of their Xmas Offer and also have posted the names of some clients they need to contact regarding their orders.

From their website:

The Xmas offer has been running for a couple of days now, and as expected we’ve been deluged with orders (and that’s even before I announce any new items…). I’ll work through the orders as fast as possible, but with the sheer amount of them combined with the inevitable slowing down of the postal services due to Christmas volume, please be prepared to allow a few extra days for delivery compared with our usual speed.

All orders placed prior to the start of the Xmas offer have now been shipped, with a few exceptions – there are a few customers who I urgently need to contact about their orders, but repeated emails to them have failed to get any responses – therefore I’m taking the unusual step of listing a few names here of customers I really need to hear from regarding their orders, which we can’t send until we have further information: if any of the following are reading this, then PLEASE contact me as soon as possible by direct email to jonATgzgDOTcom – Jonathan Walters (USA), Mirko Gruenwald (GERMANY) and Nicolas Deycard (FRANCE), then I can get your orders processed and off to you.

As a reminder to anyone placing an order with us, please make sure that you type your own email address carefully and correctly on the checkout step; any queries about the order from our end will come from my direct email address – jonATgzgDOTcom – so PLEASE make sure that mails from that address are accepted at your end and not erroneously spam-filtered.