GZG remastering the UNSC Fleet

Ground Zero Games have removed their USNC Full Thrust miniatures to re-master the moulds.

From their website:

As a few of you have already noticed (and emailed us about), the UNSC ships have all been removed from the FT ship listings over the last few days – don’t panic, they’ll be back. As we did with the Japanese ships a few weeks back, we have temporarily suspended production of the UNSC due to the fact that many of the moulds have reached the end of their useful life, and are no longer producing what we consider to be saleable castings.

The plan is for us to re-make all the UNSC and Japanese moulds and then re-release the fleets, with all the existing classes plus hopefully a few new additions, all cast from crisp, fresh moulds. This will be done as soon as time permits, hopefully sometime over the summer months, and when they are ready we will announce them here (and all our other usual places) with a big re-launch fanfare.

Please note that this means we will not have any of these two fleets with us at the forthcoming shows, Triples and Salute – though we hope they will be back in time for the Autumn shows (Colours etc).