GZG new releases now online

Ground Zero Games have updated their online store with the releases they previewed at Salute.

From their website:

Salute is now over and done, we’re fully caught up with all the outstanding orders (so if you placed one last week, it’s now on its way to you.), and things are getting back to what passes for “normal”…..

ALL the new releases (Starships and 15mm) are now up on the store and available to order – check the 15mm vehicles and infantry pages for the new spider drones, the hover AFVs and all the latest infantry packs, and the relevant FT pages for the new ships – the ScanFed page for their new SDN, and the Merchants page for the J. Peasmold class; last but not least, we’ve made the special fleet pack of the “Mystery Fleet” (the ships that we haven’t named yet) available on the FT fleet packs page at just £25.