GZG new releases and Xmas Deal shipping

Ground Zero Games have posted details of their new 15mm sci-fi releases as well as posting an update on the shipping of the orders for their Xmas Deal.

From their website:

Some more details to keep you all informed as to what is going on…. firstly, I know several of you are waiting to see what (if any) new releases come out in time for the end of the sale, before placing your orders. Well, there is good news and bad – to get the bad out of the way first, there are a couple of pieces that I had really hoped to have ready in time which almost certainly won’t be, as after master-moulding they have proved to need more work before they can go into a production mould.

I do hope to have these sorted soon and they should all be available soon after Xmas, in good time for you to spend your February offer vouchers on. The good news is that last night i managed to get two new production moulds done, containing the following four packs of 15mm support weapons teams for the NI and the Crusties:

  • SG15-X12 “Crusty” support launcher/mortar teams (2 teams – 2 weapons, 4 crew)
  • SG15-X13 “Crusty” support Heavy Arc Gun (HAG) teams (2 teams – 2 weapons, 4 crew)
  • SG15-Z13 NI (New Israeli) Heavy Plasma Gun teams (2 teams – 2 guns and powerpacks, 4 prone crew)
  • SG15-Z14 NI (New Israeli) RAFRAM mortar teams (2 teams – 2 mortars and bases, 4 kneeling crew)

These items will be added to the store (with pics) in the next couple of days, and will be available from that point. If anyone has placed an order with us in the last few days which hasn’t gone out yet (see below) and wants to add some of these new packs to the order, then feel free to email me.

As to the order situation, we have had a HUGE response to the Xmas sale (more that any previous year, I think), and though I’m working through them as fast as I can there is a big pile still to do with more coming in daily. At the time I’m writing this, virtually all orders placed last week have gone out and I’m now starting to work on the ones that came in at the weekend. We will get through them all with a little delay as possible, but please allow a bit longer than normal for your stuff to get to you.

More news very soon, with pictures.