GZG deferred discount vouchers available

Ground Zero Games have begun releasing their deferred discount vouchers.

From their website:

All those of you who had February discount vouchers and chose to defer them until June should have received an email from me tonight, giving you a new code unique to your voucher; if you asked to defer a voucher and have not yet had an email from me today, please check your mailboxes and filters, if there is still nothing then please contact me.

The new codes can each be used one time only, by putting them in at the checkout stage of any one online order, the store should then deduct the relevant percentage discount from the order value.

Please note that the codes are actually valid from now, until the 30th June – so you can start getting your orders together and submitting them if you wish, but please be aware that not much will get shipped out next week because of stock casting and preparations for GAMES EXPO (3rd-5th June). After we are back from that show I will be catching up with dispatches as quickly as possible.

  • Bughunt

    So I’m thinking of trying out 15mm gaming and I was wondering what people’s experience has been ordering from GZG. Also I’d be ordering from the U.S.

    Any exp. with Khurasan and Critical Mass Games would help as well.


    • Zac

      and I was wondering what people’s experience has been ordering from GZG

      I’ve had no problems ordering from them to Canada. Everything is always well packed and gets here quickly.

      In the US you might see a delay because of DHS sniffing through every overseas package but Jon is great to order from.

  • scottjm

    I’ve ordered from GZG a few times and the service has been superb. Every time I place an order I’m amazed at the speed in which it gets here (I live in Canada). I’ve also ordered from Critical Mass Games and their service is excellent also. I highly recommend both companies.

  • Bughunt

    Thanks for the feedback… I guess I know what my next mini order will be. 🙂