• cybogoblin

    We have no indication of price rises being on the horizon for Wamachine, Malifaux, Dystopian Wars or Mantic, all of which we can still send anywhere in the world and are growing in popularity.

    Heh. Subtle :p

    • Zac

      Subtle like a fox!

  • BlazeXI

    I really liked that comment. 20% Increases from GW are way too big. Being a pricing manager in an industrial company I would never be allowed to do such an accros the board increase. Poliamide items we would increase more, because the pice of this raw marterial has increased more than 3-fold in recent year, next highest increase is rubber, that we would increase 12%, but carbon steel, most important material is increased only 7%.
    Increasing plastic items by 20% in a highly competitive enviroment would be suicide. GW is the microsoft of wargaming and they take advantage of it. Too bad the community is not integrated enough to boycott them for 3 months.

    • BoosterX

      “GW is the Apple of wargaming and they take advantage of it”


      • Sisyphus

        Hey hey hey now… Most people would say Apple is kinda dropping prices though they can cheat you if you look at the specs too close. But at least they are innovative and fun… words I can’t use for WH40k… I like the models but the rules are a big “ehhhh” for me.

      • Let’s try to keep it vaguely on topic. 😉

  • Standard GW yearly price rise. We all expect it every year…we all moan about it every year…all advertising is good advertising…

    …I buy the odd GW product and will, occasionally, continue to do it and it is the fact that even if we occasionally buy a product from them, because they are so expensive, GW make more money from one sale than others do from 10.

    It is sad but it is a bit like moaning about the rain. We know it will happen and there is nothing we can do about it.

    If they can get away with it and still make money then good for them. They may not have a popular business model but it still seems to keep them in business so why not push the luck?

  • Sisyphus

    How many years before a box of basic troops costs US$100?

  • phoenixman


    i can hear the hammer hitting another nail into this particular coffin