• I say again, mail order only, it is coming…

    • I think that would be the beginning of the end for them, or at least a severe downturn in their business long term.

    • scottjm

      I don’t think mail order only is coming anytime soon. They’ve invested too much in their B&M stores and product visibility to the general public would be severely diminished.

    • GW has established:

      core group that will play nothing else
      will continue to buy no matter what they do
      more money is to be made by controlling distribution

      They will have their own stores, no doubt, but the days of buying online and in local shop are coming to an end. I figure, 2 more years tops.

      • Myrthe

        What country fo you live in shakespear?

        I’m in the US, in the New England (norhteast) and GW stores are long-gone from here. They had a decent presence but no longer. In their typical short-sightedness, they saved some costs closing their stores but, as a result, killed off a major part of their business here. Many have moved on to other games.

        I’m not saying your wrong given GW’s history of poor business strategies. If they do follow your predicted course, I think it would do more harm than good for them.

      • odinsgrandson

        Well, they sort-of have a core group that will play nothing else.

        I mean, I’ve seen those “core” people slip away from them time and time again. A lot of people get alienated for a lot of reasons, and the people who love their games the most often still hate the company.

        But when people got sick of GW, they used to quite wargames altogether. Nowdays, they start playing Warmachine/Hordes.

        With everything else they’ve done recently, I wonder if they don’t have the loyalty built up to withstand a change of editions without too many dropouts. I mean, this is coming right after we’ve had a set of draconian rules for online retailers and the price hike coupled with the move to resin.

        Although, I’m sure that GW isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But they might have a decreased market share in the future.

  • blkdymnd

    Most of the changes for 6th, if true are as horrible as the rest. No worries about reinvesting in gw in the near future.

  • When was 5th edition released? Seems mighty fast for a 6th edition, but again, I don’t play 40k so I have no idea.

    • cybogoblin

      According to Wikipedia, 5th was released in 2008. If 6th releases this year it will be the fastest change of edition, but only by a year or so.

      As for the 6th Ed rumours: Massive changes to the way the game operates (like ranged combat) is a bit hard to believe, unless they’re designed to make the game more Apocalypse friendly. Also, making the ‘starter box’ two separate boxes sounds a bit far fetched, but not much would surprise me at this point when it comes to GW.

      • PanzerKraken

        Next year is when 6th is rumored to be coming out.

  • MRex21

    Why anyone plays anything from Games Work$hop is beyond me.

    • Zombie_Taco

      maybe because people already have armies and only play the games because they are done buying thing$?!?

  • 6th already? That seems pretty fast… Anyone remember the old days when game companies waited 10 years before releasing a new edition?

  • Commander Y

    I still haven’t read the 5th ed rule book I bought. Holy Crap!

    • AoM

      You, sir, are fired. Pack up your Bishops and clear out your desk by 5.

  • Veritas

    6th is next year. GW follows a schedule like the Olympics. Each main game gets a reprint every 4 years.

  • Darzoni

    I was informed by my GW sales rep a few weeks ago that they are shortening the preview windows to around two weeks, making White Dwarf the first place new models are viewed, and not releasing/selling preview product to stores. That part of the article is true as far as I’m aware.

    I have no clue as to the truth of WH40k 6E or any mechanical changes that will be made.

    • cybogoblin

      My FLGS had a similar experience. They’re no longer able to get the black boxes, and the only way they can get display models is they either purchase them for themselves, or the store buys them for display – neither of which they are keen on doing. They’ve already got some minis in the window, and they’re unlikely to change any time soon.

  • PanzerKraken

    Lot of these leaks usually end up having lots of truth to them, so I wouldn’t be surprised about lot of it, but always some of it is false.

    Looking at the rumored changes, it kind of feels like their past two editions. They take 2 steps forward in improving the game, but then they also seem to take 2 steps back making some other silly sounding rule changes. Also seems odd that they are trying to streamline and simplify so many things, while it sounds like some things are being made overly complex.

    • Veritas

      That’s what GW always does so they have things to “fix” in the next edition. Yes, I am a cynic.

  • keltheos

    Zac, how come you leave the comments on for GW items, but not Mongoose?

    • Zac

      Which ones? Are you referring to an old post?

  • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    They would be smart by wiping the whole game and start from WH40K New Edition – or the like. Keep the fluff and the gist of the game but have it rewritten and then call it a brand new game with a new system.

    Of course that involves a risk that they wouldn’t take.

    Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    • chaoshead87

      I agree with this completely!

      If they rebooted the system they just may draw some of the defectors, such as myself and the whole group of eleven that i wargame with, back into the game.

      I love the background and the setting of the game but can no longer play with their ruleset.


  • Well if any of the game changes are true the next edition sounds like a whole lot of fun to me 🙂

  • evil_tendencies

    Wow, those changes sound major – it reminds me of the switch between 2nd and 3rd. These rules sound more…cinematic? And I like it! We’ve essentially been playing 3rd edition (or some variant of it) for 13 years now, and it would be nice to get some new design concepts in there again. If this is actually where 40k is going, I am one happy panda.

  • Zombie_Taco

    so it would seem GW used veteran players to play test the new rules and then this guy posts everything because he throws a tantrum about GW policy on how info and minis are released – understandable – but he hurts the hobby more by breaking his NDA and showing GW that they cannot trust out of house play testing. therefore making GW gun-shy about having outsiders play-test – hurting the ability of a solid games rules to be written. thanks dood!

    as to the rules changes I have had access to pre-rulebooks and some of the play test rules to the last two editions and have seen MANY rules that never make into the book at printing. so how many of those we see above actually see the light of day is speculation at best.

    so in essence what i have before me is nothing, until I actually see the rulebook in my hand everything is just ‘maybe’. I realize he has said the rules have been done for a while but where have they gone from there, what has been refined since his interaction with those PT rules?

  • 1voice2many

    OK, up front I must say I have no love for GW, I was a dedicated fan of their’s from around the time of WD #21 until around ’05. I must admit I find their current antics so entertaining I devour any and all news from/about them. I find it unbelievable that they treat their customers with such disdain, distrust, and outright enmity and a good portion of those same customers will defend, support, and try to bring new customers to GW’s products. It truly boggles my mind.

    Can someone, anyone tell me why GW is so terrified of letting you see what their next release will be outside of the next issue of White Dwarf? Can anyone give an example of how this would possibly hurt GW?

    And as far as the shipping of new items I pity any store who has to deal with that. Actually I take that back, I have no pity for them. If your store condones/supports actions like that you get what you deserve. As GW has taken each step along this road people have supported them. So why should they stop? Prices go up, sales slow in the month of June but level off back to normal come July/August, price hike good idea. Switch from metal to plastic to save GW some money and raise prices while your at it, brilliant idea.

    I actually sat at an employee meeting the week after this year’s price hikes were sent out to stores and watched our GW fanboy at the store get all redfaced about it and I literally laughed at him. He said “this is the last straw” and I laughed harder. He said he was going to finish his 1000 pt Dark Eldar force for the upcoming escalation league and that was it, no more money to GW. I laughed and told him he was full of s**t, (friends can get away with stuff like that). Well it’s now 4 weeks later and he now has about 2000 pts of Dark Eldar and has started a new Tomb Kings army too. Well played GW well played.

    I’m probably in the minority here but I really like it that GW raises it’s prices every year, tightens its strangle hold on game stores, and makes its customers jump through even tinier and tinier hoops, it really is entertaining. Keep it up GW you crack me up. So I guess my opening statement was wrong, I do have some love for GW.


    • Zac

      Can someone, anyone tell me why GW is so terrified of letting you see what their next release will be outside of the next issue of White Dwarf

      If this is true then I suspect they are attempting to try to lock customers into going to GW stores and GW sources for their previews instead of going to their FLGS for Black Box previews.

  • Did I read that as “modifiers” are coming to 40k? IE: a unit running is harder to hit. Does this spell the end of “mathhammer” as we know it?

    This means 40k will now be “too complex” for some players, as it really is the easiest/simplest rule system around.

    • PanzerKraken

      Easiest/simplest? Hardly, not by a long shot.

  • KelRiever

    I’m done ‘leasing’ my games, whether it is Games Workshop, Privateer Press, or any other. Don’t want to keep paying for $100 of new rules every 4 years because you didn’t even get to play all the games you want with the current set? Don’t. Don’t want to keep buying new figures because your game company can’t get the message that at some point they should be done releasing new figures like Magic The Gathering? Don’t. If the company chokes because of it, then it isn’t your problem. And if they survive, it will be off the backs of suckers, and not you.

    This really requires two things: 1, a group of friends who have a game table set up in a non-store environment. 2, those friends not to be slaves to marketing, and content with that if a rules system was good enough for them, they don’t feel the need to go buy the next big thing. There’s a glut of game companies and figures out there anyway, even including just the nice miniatures. You should only keep buying stuff if you want to, not because some game company decided you need to keep buying their new product as if they are doing you a favor.

    • Zombie_Taco

      I see where you are coming from -leasing the game- is a great analogy LOL!

      however I have all the rules from 1st -1.5 -2nd – 3rd and 4th + 5th, not to mention the rules from ‘no limits’ mini rules system (free rules that are used with any minis and is a d10 system much like 2nd edition) I have played 2nd edition a couple of times to show some of the new players what it was like. we had a good time.

      but the gaming group I am with doesn’t seem to really mind dropping 100$ every 4-5 years in rules. I spend half that amount when I go out with my girl and have sushi (not including saki) we are older professionals and that amount of money is nothing. I in fact do not mind it. the books are great – each edition the art and layout gets better and better. more fluf more back ground – of you don’t like the rules just wait 4-5 years and maybe the next one you will like LOL!!

      how many editions of shadowrun have I endured? how many editions of D&D and even Rolemaster? I keep buying or playing because I like the change.

      I guess I cannot get so worked up like so many people here, its just a game. its a hobby and toy soldiers.

      Oh noes! we don’t see the minis 8 months in advance the hobby is doomed!!!!!!
      LOL stupid. when I first started this game I did not even know what the full line of models were and when I came into a store and found something new it tickled me pink. gamers have such a sense of entitlement it laughable –

      PS – this was not all directed at you KElRiever just the first line – sorry maybe I should have just commented and not replied to you LOL!

      • KelRiever

        Its a good response, though, and it is true if you see value in purchasing the new version of the game, then why shouldn’t you? I just question that 90% or so of new purchasers have hardly thought it out as well as you….

        • I think what really matters, though, is that if a company is going to put out a new set of rules or a new edition or what-have-you that they should be an improvement on the last. Take what didn’t work and either change it so it does or right out get rid of it. That’s where GW falters because they don’t seem to really get that point.

          Warmachine is a great example of this. MK2 fixed a lot of what was wrong with the old rules, balanced things out to make pretty much everything in the game viable(and as someone who had an Idrian Guide deal the killing blow to the Deathjack I can safely say the “no, that’s worthless” statement is a load) and over-all made the game more fun. I’ll gladly shell out $40 for their books because they’re actively trying to make the game better and the production values are just amazing as well.

  • Does anybody else find it ironic that the post discusses the lack of new information in advance of releases – then it goes on to give a bunch of new info?

  • Veritas

    I’m not so bothered about the lack of advance previews. Heck, when I started playing the Internet was in its infancy and there were no online catalogues or shops. Going to a gaming store used to be a sort of magical experience with getting to check out the new goodies. That said, in this day and age hype sells. GW stopping previews seems counter-intuitive. Rules leaks I could see being cut if possible, but getting people salivating over the minis a month before release is nothing but a good thing I’d think.

  • So 6th edition huh? Let’s see here reads through post of new rules Oooo, hitting based on target’s speed….wait, still no movement values. Ok then maybe they….nope; phase system is still there. So they’re basically keeping the absolute worst aspects of the last edition while adding some extra stuff instead of actually fixing the glaring faults of their game?

  • That was pretty hard to read, but I chuckle at the idea of spoiling new releases out of vengeance.

    I doubt a lot of his/her rumors (especially the two starter boxes. There’s no precedent for that), but if this means 40k gets the focus that WFB8 got, then it’ll be a better game for it. I welcome a new edition so long as they have a clear vision for the future of their product.