GW releases new Beastmen

Games Workshop have added several new Beastmen figures to their online store.

Minotaurs are the largest of all the Beastmen warriors and are for the first time available as a multi-part plastic set, making it easier to field unique units of these towering brutes.

Bestigor Herd
Bestigor are the elite of the Beastmen infantry. More aggressive and bloodthirsty than the rest of the warherd, they are armed with the best weapons and armour, and are an ideal unit to build your battle-line around.

Gor Herd
Gor are the Archetypal Beastmen and should form the bulk of any Beastmen warherd. With a Weapon Skill and Toughness of 4, Gors are more than a match for the warriors of other races.

Ungor Herd
Ungor are sly and dextrous, and can fight with short bows, spears or hand weapons. Able to disrupt an enemy’s advance and ambush his war machines, they are essential to your warherd’s success.

Warhammer Armies: Beastmen
The ultimate guide to the history and forces of the Beastmen, this is the first ever stand-alone Beastmen army book and contains all of the rules and information you’ll need to field a Beastmen army.

Doombulls are the most powerful Beastmen combat characters. Strong as Dragons, they can lay waste to entire regiments and pulverise the most stalwart of characters.

Razorgor are a brand-new unit type that charge into enemy units like living chariots, delivering four Strength 6 Attacks.

Ghorros Warhoof
Ghorros Warhoof has fathered thousands of powerful Centigors and grants any unit of Centigors he leads +1 Weapon Skill.

Malagor the Dark Omen
Malagor is a brand-new Bray-Shaman special character whose wicked presence makes it harder for enemy units to pass Leadership tests.