Guts N Gears Temple Con episode

The Guts N Gears, Warmachine and Hordes, podcast has posted an episode covering the recent TempleCon gaming convention.

From their announcement:

Guts N Gears At Temple Con: Hosted by: Sam “Mouth of the South”, David Carl Privateer Press, PG Ross Thompson, PG Lonely Monk, PG Andrew “Hacksaw”.

Sam “Mouth of the South” was taking back by this outstanding event. We have the pleausre to publish this episode and give you recordings that took place at the actual event. It was amazing… Guts N Gears also gets hijacked by Captain Caine. We had to edited and bleep some comments out via music as we are a family show during the Hijack of the show. =D.

Show notes:

  • Privateer Press Seminar
  • Temple Con Privateer Press Championship 3rd place winner. Interview
  • Temple Con Privateer Press Championship 2nd place wiiner. Interview
  • Temple Con Privateer Press Championship 1st place wiiner. Interview
  • PG Ross AKA Captain Caine on Temple con
  • Captain Caine Hijacks the Guts N Gears show in true skull duggerary style
  • Lonely monk on Temple Con
  • John Christiannson game with the mouth of the south
  • Temple Con suggested theme tune