Guts N Gears No Quarter issue 34 review

The latest Guts N Gears podcast takes a look at issue 34 of No Quarter magazine.

From their announcement:

Andres, Aeryn Rudel (Editor in Chief of the NQ magazine), Mouth of the South, & David Carl (Development Manager for Privateer Press). Go through this stella issue of the No Quarter Magazine: 34
GNG app holders for Apple & Android devices, Attachments to the Episode:

Battle Engine Wall Paper: Cryx Wraith
NQ PDF, Ranking officers Article, have a read of the Ranking Officers article on your Apple or Android device whilst listening into the show.

Notes & Highlights:

  • UK Masters
  • -Salute (UK)
  • -Flood Machine (Australia)
  • Nordic Masters (Finland)
  • Welsh opens (Wales , UK)
  • Emails from the GNG listeners
  • NQ Review


  • -Ranking officers (bit more depth)
  • -Strategic Academy
  • -Guts N Gears articles
  • -and a whole lot more. Mouth of the South, really really likes the Bethane & Belphagor Model.
  • Suggested “The old to new” NQ magazine theme tune