Guts N Gears Gen Con Finale Wrap-up

Guts N Gears have posted a new podcast featuring more of their interviews from Gen Con 2010.

From their announcement:

As we have come to the end with some great Gen Con Community Coverage from many good media outlets, we have brought you the finale wrapupsode.

00.01.57- Find out what the Hordes & Warmachine 2010 Gen Con Championships 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners have to say and where they game.
00:20:27-Andrew Hartland on the success of Privateer Press events at Gen Con 2010.
00:24:00 -William from Privateer Press give us a low down.
00:45:12- Yann “DevilSquid” Folange on Iron Arena
00:46:36 -Jason from Iron Agenda give us his outlook on MK2.
00:50:36- Yann “Devil Squid” Folange comedy.
00:51:09- Matt Dipietro from Privateer Press Studio Manager Painter