Guts N Gears European Team Challenge Part 3

The Guts N Gears, Warmachine and Hordes, podcast have posted part 3 of their coverage of the European Team Challenge.

From their announcement:

“Over 100 players. Over 100 armies, total War, the battle for Europe begins.” – Field Marshall Mouth of the South.

This is it. The army lists of doom & awe. Jamie & Rich with Andres go through these lists which will be played in a few days in the European Team challenge 3rd & 4th of July. Enjoy.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00:00 Winston comments on the European Team Challenge
  • 00:01:37 Guts N Gears Jamie, Rich & Andres go through some entry army-lists. A real good listen into play style and army builds.
  • 01:24:05 End of show
  • Suggested European Team Challenge Theme tune.