Guts N Gears episode 27: Trollbloods review

The latest episode of the Guts N Gears podcast looks at the recently released Forces of Hordes: Trollblood book.

From their announcement:

Sam “My Friend” Mouth of the South Sedghi hijacks this show, Andres Olivares & Vish “Gringo” join him for the Torllblood review. We also have Doug Seat Privateer Press Lead Writer, David Carl Development Manager. Bonus Material: NQ 32 Review with Andres, Aeryn Rudel Privateer No Quarter Magazine Press Editor in Chief & Vish “Gringo”. Followed by the Benelux Masters Organisers and then we time travel back to Gen Con 2010 Matt Wilson give us a refresher of what is going and says it how it is.

00:02:10: Iron Kings Event UK & letters from GnG Listeners
00:09:38: Golden Troll UK 3 day Warmachine & Hordes event.
00:18:55: Massacre Warmachine & Hordes Event results by Marauder games
00:21:23: Trollblood review & discussion
00:37:12: Trollblood Lore: Doug Seacat share the history and much more on the Trollbloods
01:13:13: Art of War: David Carl on the playstyle of Trollbloods
[ Advised to take a break at this point and pick up your NQ32 Mag if you have a copy] 02:05:04: No Quarter Issue 32 Review, With Aeryn Rudel, Andres & Vish
03:00:15: Benelux Hordes & Warmachine Masters
03:33:19: We catch Matt Wilson at Gen Con 2010.