Guts N Gears Cryx: The Nightmare Empire

The Guts N Gears team have posted a new podcast looking at the new Forces of Warmachine Cryx book.

From their announcement:

We go through a megasode review With the Honourable Scribe Doug Seacat, lead writer of Privateer Press and also talk with the development manager & Playtest Cordinator David Carl also known as D.C.

Thanks goes to D.C, Doug, Jame Perkins, Richard Loxam, Oly (from the Charring Cross gaming club) & Sam Mouth of the South Sedghi. For who without their Cryxian knowledge this episode would have been as good as it is.

Show notes:
00:00.00 Extended Cryxian intro theme tune
00.02:16 The Nightmare Episode starts and Sam’s rough 35pt Breast Cancer Brawl Crxy army.
00:39:24 Interview with Doug Seacat. Mouth of the South and Doug delve deep in Lich Lord/Cryxian Lore.
01:24:05 Interview with David Carl on Play style of Cryx.
01:54.00 Suggested Cryx Theme tune and Happy Birthday John (Menoth John mention!)