Guillotine Games Panel

This is an exciting one. We’re here with Guillotine Games and their panel discussion here at the CMON Expo.
You’ll want to pay attention to this one.

On the panel we’ve got David Preti and Thiago Aranha.

First a bit about the creation of Guillotine Gamels and Zombicide.

Many members from Rackham Games. David Preti was with Dust. David and Raphael Guiton created Guillotine Games.

Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood. The motto of the 1789 revolution and also of Guillotine.

They wanted to create a game based on the “hot topic” of zombies.
They wanted a game with simplicity, velocity and depth.
Wanted a game that could be played with your kids.
Solo play was also very important.

So why play Zombicide?
Best zombie minis out there.
Outstanding graphic design.
A strong community for the game. Free missions and mission creator. Involve game shops with game night kits.
Open discussion with the community.

3D door tokens coming with new Kickstarter campaigns.
Lots of work put into them.

Want a diverse products list for the IP. With new survivors, dogs, extra zombies, etc.

How to achieve this?
Kickstarter totals are not net gains, but gross. The money, at the end is about equivalent to selling to distributers.
Kickstarter is a straightforward campaign format.
Yes, they’ve been late on things, but the goal is always giving quality on the table.

The idea is giving you the most possible to ensure high value for the return.
Always trying to listen to the customers.

And now to season 3.
12 survivors.
Team Abilities. Can create teams from the survivors for a semi-competitive feel.
Teams can choose actions during their turn.
“Charge” to move everyone for free and attack, for example.

Skinner zombies, new type. When they are killed, if you roll a 1, they become crawlers. They are the last on the threat list.

Hospital beds work similar to sewers, can spawn zombies.
Tents as well, possibly can be supplies… but maybe zombies.

New guest boxes coming as well.
3 new boxes coming.

New zombie boxes.
New weapons.
OPTIONAL! PvP rules.
RPG elements to the game. Stand-alone product.
Plastic scenery.
New plastic tokens.
3D elements.
New pets.

Angry Neighbors, a new expansion for season 3.
This is the expansion for those that created custom, special heroes and zombies.
New zombie type: seekers. They spawn and extra-activate on the same card.
Ground holes to trap heroes and zombies.

A-bomb Abomination. Drags others into his place.
New human companions like dog companions.
Gunman, extra die to a ranged attack, or an action to do an attack with him, for example.

Last week of June for the launch.
Tooling happening now for the plastics.


The best minis is because of the relationship with the factory that makes the minis.
Also because the models are traditionally sculpted.
3D is got, but the fine-detail is not yet there.
Also the Rackham background.

New weapons such as swords and bows. Also bullet proof vest. La Guillotine axe. Urban mace. Sabers.

A question was raised about modern military minis. A longer break may come before season 4. A theme of a future expansion may be something like that. It has been considered.

There is a realistic hope for the success of the new campaign. They have thought heavily about the costs of production, including shipping.

There is a continued focus to preserve the values of a quality, simple, fun game, even with all the expansions.

There will be new map sets coming after season 3.

The update to the Apple app. is coming soon. It is in the works now, including special characters from the game.
There will be a cost for the TCM and Prison Outbreak content.
Unavoidably needed, but a moderate cost.

Now, a special presentation.
There is a new project in the works with Eric Lang and Mike McVey.

The Others in the works now for 1 year.
A horror game about temptation and corruption. Heroes versus a player in charge of the monsters.
The powers the heroes use is also a corrupting factor.

Hope to present initially at GenCon.