• hithero

    Yet another football game, that’s one a month now isn’t it?

    • Lemminkaeinen

      To be fair, this one is actually football (“soccer”).

      • Soulfinger

        Yet, the fantasy hacky sack market remains wholly untapped.

    • KelRiever

      Chibi Zombie Bowl!

  • Riquende

    Going head to head with Dreadball Extreme as well. I’m sure there’s a lot of mileage here for sports clichés.

  • Haibane


    Also, fantasy Curling.

    • Soulfinger

      Post apocalyptic caber tossing!

      Noir BMX!

      . . . and the mother of all games, Fantasy Olympics, featuring fantasy versions of every olympic sport (summer and winter) heavily inspired by Hanna Barbara’s Laff-A-Lympics, complete with highly detailed plastic miniatures for each and every team, all bundled into a single box. Whether its Luge, Rowing, or Tantric Badminton, there’s something for everyone.

      • KelRiever

        Honestly, I could play a game with a 4-‘man’ Chaos Bobsled team. Probably with a Minotaur in the back. And a fully iron helmed driver.

        I could pass on the figure skating, though.

        • Soulfinger

          And the more I think about it, Fantasy-themed BMX bike racing would be pretty cool. Of course, not as cool as THIS — the link, that is, not the word “this.”

  • I think that, one of the differences this game will have is that, it won’t be played on a boardgame with squares but will be played as a tabletop game, with more freedom of movement, like a miniature skirmish sport game.
    This is interesting. This is probably inspired by the continental pre rugby/soccer no holds barred game called “la soule” in France which was played in the countryside and had very few terrain limits (except goals).

    Source : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soule_(sport)

    (In french – don’t know if there is an english translation available – probably not)