Guild Ball previews player stat sheet, posts more game design philosophy

Build Ball is showing off more previews for their game with a look at a stat sheet and talking more about the design philosophy.


From the preview:

We briefly mentioned the unique playbook each character has last week and then promptly said no more about it….what teases! But we can’t stand the suspense anymore and so this design article examines this mechanic.

  • cybogoblin

    That track system is very reminiscent of the one used in Arena Rex. Interesting to see how close it actually is, and if it is somehow related (which would be kewl).

    • shiprib

      It certainly is very similar. I emailed the Arena Rex guys to see if there’s a link or if Guild Ball just took some design inspiration from them.

      Even the damage track (if that’s what that is) at the bottom looks a lot like the one from Arena Rex, with the shaded squares at specific points along it.

      • Those specific points being every 5, which Warmachine/Hordes does as well to help you know how much health the model has/has remaining.

  • Gallahad

    I totally called this. Proof It is a very cool mechanic. While fantasy sports does absolutely nothing for me as a setting, I am interested in the game design.