Guild Ball previews new Guild Artwork

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Sports
Jan 5th, 2014

Guild Ball has some new artwork up and a bit of information about them over on their newly-updated website.


From the preview:

The guild has made most of its fortune in the growing tendencies of the rich and famous to engage in fine cuisine, much to the chagrin of the butchers who once held a stranglehold on all cuisine more than a days ride from the coast.

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  • GuildBall

    Thanks for the support TGN! Really appreciated as we start to spread information on what we have been working on for the last year behind the scenes.

    A lot of our updates come through the following areas:

  • Gallahad

    I mean no dis-respect, but I hope such talented folks as yourselves turn your attention to something fresh and interesting in the future.

    • GuildBall

      Once the concept details are fully out it will be clearer how our game is pretty unique compared to the current market. We understand at these early stages parallels are obviously drawn with other systems. All we can say is watch this space 🙂

  • Lemminkaeinen

    I dunno, they certainly look pretty fresh and interesting to me. I mean, sure, “medieval football” naturally brings to mind Blood Bowl but this doesn’t look at all like it. The teams seem to be small and very varied and all in all this looks more violent and more soccer. I’m intrigued, certainly.

    Are you thinking of doing a crowd funding campaign or a more traditional release?

    • GuildBall

      The teams are 6 man based (well 6 model based ;)). You hit the nail on the head about violence and soccer.

      We will be Kickstarting the project late February 2014 as long as our timeline goes to plan. We are pretty excited to show everyone what we have coming up, so more information will be released on the run up (including 3D sculpts, actual models, etc).

      • GuildBall

        Its played on a 3×3 tabletop board too – much more like a traditional wargame.