Guild Ball and Infamy Miniatures crossover mini

Infamy Miniatures has a special crossover mini they’re doing with Guild Ball as part of their Kickstarter campaign.



From the update:

The World Cup is over and done with and Germany are the champions. But let’s be honest, the real winner was football… or something like that!

Ok, I have to admit it – what with the build up to my Kickstarter being at the same time as the World Cup, I’ve barely been able to pay attention to football’s premiere event. But there was no way I was going to miss out on some sort of football-related excitement this campaign.

So, allow me to introduce Harry ‘The Hat’ Hallahan, a crossover miniature between me and the fine folks at Guild Ball! This is something that I’ve been talking to Rich and Mat about for a while and we’ve concocted a character who we are all rather happy with!

The design process for Harry consisted of three main elements:

Working out a character who could fit into the worlds of both Guild Ball and Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke – we eventually decided that a bruiser, hooligan type who could potentially fit multiple guilds or go clobbering on the streets of London would be very cool.

Writing a description to send to Silviu Sadoschi, my concept artist – this described the physicality of Harry, his clothes, pose and his multiple accessories, which were all designed to allude to various Guild Ball guilds as well as fitting in with the Big Smoke setting of Infamy: WtTBS.

A back-and-forth between Silviu and the three of us, where we gave feedback and tweaked the art. This mostly consisted of ‘Can you make the hat a bit bigger?’ followed by an updated concept, followed by ‘Can you make the hat a bit bigger?’ 😉
And we finally ended up with the dangerous looking chap you see above – Harry ‘The Hat’ Hallahan.

So he’ll have rules for both games?

He most certainly will! Rich is taking Harry as an opportunity to do something a bit unusual for Guild Ball and test out a Union guy who can play for various guilds. I should probably be worried that this model is a guinea pig in his evil game design plans, but I’m really digging the idea and think that it could be super interesting.

As for Infamy: WtTBS, Harry will be a true bruiser on the streets of London, cracking skulls for fun and offering his muscle to any Kingpin willing to pay the right price. The different equipment that comes with the model will go some way to dictating his core specialism.

Who will be making him?

The three of us will make a final decision about Harry’s sculptor in the next few weeks. I guess it’s fair to say that I will be leading this process somewhat, as I am producing the model. I’ll be in close consultation with Mat and Rich though, and we’ve made sure that the concept is beefy enough to sit comfortably with the look of existing Guild Ball models.

I have some very skilled sculptors in mind and, like the rest of the Guild Ball models and many from Infamy: WtTBS, he will be a digital model. This will give lots of versatility and potential for easy tweaks, which is probably going to be important with all three of us attempting to spoil the miniature broth during the approval process! 😉

Looking ahead

Hopefully this is the start of some fun times ahead for Infamy Miniatures and Guild Ball.

As I’ve already discovered through being a member of British Indie, alongside Warploque Miniatures, White Dragon Miniatures and JoeK Minis, partnerships like this help build the growing British miniatures and wargaming scene and make running a company more fun! By sharing techniques and ideas we can all benefit. More than that, you guys can reap the rewards by getting tons of cool new stuff that’s the very best it can be!

But enough of my gibbering!

I’m very excited to have this cool crossover miniature out there for all to see and can’t wait to progress him to the sculpting stage. It’s been really hard keeping it a secret!