Guild Adventurer #4 Now Available

As you’ve seen me type many times in the past, there’s no such thing as “too many resources” for a DM/GM to draw from. Well, Iron Crown Enterprises is here to help with Guild Adventurer #4, available now. There’s adventure resources for Rolemaster, Shadow World, and HARP.

So, what will you find inside? Well, there’s five new adventures to take your party on. There’s Who Saves the Savior for the Echoes of Heaven setting. Then there’s Unusual Heroes, where your everyday-peasant is tasked to step up to the hero level. Up next is Muck and Mire, a stand-alone scenario for HARP and Rolemaster. If you’re up to attack some undead, there’s the Keep of the Damned. Finally, there’s Eyes of Stone, where you take on the mysteries of southeast Emer.


  • DB

    I don’t know anyone who plays any ICE games, but it’s nice to see an ancient company still alive and kicking.

    I read through (and attempted to GM) a game of Cyberspace, but it was way, way too clunky.

    The critical hit tables were a gas, though. I think my players had more fun with the crit tables than with the lead-up to using them.

  • Malleable 69

    I started playing AD&D when I was 7. And made a failed attempt to learn Rolemaster at that age. When I was much older I eventually got back into Rolemaster and have always thought it was a much better game system that anything else. It wasn’t until last year that I actually got a campaign in Shadow World going, and am loving it.
    Sure combat is more complex, but its really all just adding up a few different numbers on a character sheet. With characters being done in spreadsheets the math is done automatically, and only changes if you go up a level and add another rank to a weapon.
    So then its roll your attack, subtract the opponents DB, look that up on a weapon table for base damage, and roll on crit table for additional damage.
    Building the character is really the complex part, and that’s just because you have a lot of options – which I guess is what I really like about the system. Tons of classes, Talents and Flaws. And Shadow World is just a insanely huge campaign setting.