Guided Lands premieres at Spiel 2010

Guided LandsGerman game developer Smiling Monster will unveil their new fantasy miniature game, Guided Lands, at Essen Spiel 2010.

From their announcement:
Guided Lands is a new tabletop game for two players, ages 14 and up. The game has an universal approach to tabletop gaming, where almost all fantasy miniatures with a scale around 28mm can be fielded in battle. Players take on the role of two mighty warlords, who muster their troops to claim the throne and be crowned king of the Guided Lands.

Doing so players will use a unique step-by-step approach to create different races and equip their soldiers with weapons, armor and special abilities, thus making nearly all of your fantasy miniatures you have lying around somewhere ready to be used as heroes or units in Guided Lands. The scale ranges from small skirmishes to epic battles including monsters, magic and powerful artillery. An easy and streamlined ruleset as well as a card-driven initiative system keeps gameplay fast, while also engaging for seasoned tabletop generals. So dust of your old miniatures and start playing!

Guided Lands is the first game of the new publisher Smiling Monster Games and will be released in a limited first edition of 500 copies at Essen Spiel 2010 in German language (Hall 6, booth 6-808), estimated price € 20 (softcover book).

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