Grognard Simulations Releases Death Ride Kursk – Totenkopf

Grognard Simulations now has their Death Ride Kursk – Totenkopf supplement packs available over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Death Ride Kursk – Totenkopf is now released. The price for the released game is set at $150. This package is huge. The long wait is finally over and this game is going to knock your socks off. With a new set of maps designed by Rick Barber, and the inclusion in your purchase are the Command and Control and Fire Support Enhancements, you’ll see a huge leap in the fun you have with this game and its follow on’s. The Death Ride rules for this series have undergone reorganization and refit and now include the rules for ALL the enhancements. That means you will be able to see the kinds of detail that are included with those enhancements. Prominent game rules feature units at the Platoon (German) and Company (Red Army) levels, Primary and Secondary weapons effects, highly detailed terrain (330 meters per hex), Suppression of units, and an “Open” game turn execution for each side allowing for actions to be performed in any order the player needs to support his plan. The Air, Logistics, and Maintenance Enhancement Counters and supporting charts will be sold separately.

This game will include:
(16) 11×17 Full Color Map Sections
(11) 11×17 Scenario Cards
(10) Unit Counter and Marker Sheets
(3) d10
A Bound Rulebook Which Includes ALL the Enhancement Rules
A Mountain of Charts and Tables
Lots of Player Aides
A sturdy 3” Box