Gripping Beast to release plastic figures

15.jpgGripping Beast have revealed that they will be producing 28mm plastic historical figures.

From their announcement:
Emerging from the sea-mist are the first fruits of our endevours in an exciting new area, 28mm Plastic Figures.

Naturally enough our first box will be Viking Hirdmen. On the left is one of the resin ‘three-ups’ that Darren couldn’t resist painting. Nice.

We will soon have more details of the box and its contents plus plenty of pictures. We will also be letting you know how you can pre-order these ferocious Norsemen through a preferential newsletter special deal which will include a special limited edition metal figure.

If you can’t wait, pop along to see us at the Vapnartak show at York Racecourse this Sunday (7th Feb) where we will have some of the resins on display.