Gripping Beast preview Saga rules and new range

Gripping Beast have posted previews of the cover of the Saga Viking Skirmish rules book as well as a set of figures from their new range.

From their announcement:

SAGA – Viking Age Skirmish Rules
It’s always a saga here at Beast Towers.

Here is the cover of our forthcoming Viking Age skirmish ruleset, SAGA. The rules are really rather good but you’ll have to wait until the next Newsletter for more details.

(SAGA is being published simultaneously in French and English – this is actually the French cover but you get the idea…)

New Range Sneak Peak
Massive new range to be released at Salute ’11.
Released at this year’s Salute will be our massive new range of Timurids. Sculpted by Rob Baker, the range features some amazing heavy cavalry, loads of light horsemen, heavy infantry, Tribal types and of course elephants!

More details including loads of pictures in the next Newsletter.
(the elephant above was painted by chum Jon Nothard – please note that there are a couple of bits missing – the guy at the back doesn’t have a bow for example)

  • LaughingFerret

    Saga sounds interesting… I always thought viking genre games would be best at a skirmish level rather than large armies… I remember playing a ‘con game’ several times called Pig Wars that was always fun. I’ll be looking forward to more info on this.

    • I’ve been playtesting Saga for the last 3 months and I have to say it’s a great game, movement and combat is simple and quick to play but it has one of the best order phase I’ve ever come across in a game.
      it’s a game where you have to make a plan and try and second guess your enemy or you will fail


      • Carnyx

        Hello Mike,

        The orders phase sounds good. Can you advise what an average number of figs would be for a game?



  • deanocware

    The cover looks great! This is 28mm right? I am still having trouble finding anyone that carries Gripping Beast in the U.S.