Gripping Beast plastic Saxon Thegns release date & pre-orders

Gripping Beast have posted a release date and are taking orders for their 28mm plastic Saxon Thegn miniatures.

metal Thegn
metal Thegn

From their announcement:

Released on 24th January 2004 2011, pre-orders your box and get a free specially designed metal Thegn sculpted by Bill Musketeer Thornhill. Pre-orders will be shipped before the release date.

The box contains parts for 44 spear armed Thegns although there are some extra sword and hand-axe arms too. The set also includes extra parts to convert up to two of your warriors into Saxon Lords and up to two into horn blowers. The set also includes two dracos and the instructions include 2 full-colour paper banners to attach to spear-armed warriors.
Included in the box is a sprue of plastic bases to mount all 44 of your figures.

Plastic Saxons sculpted by Bob Naismith, box art by Peter Dennis. Plastics manufactured by plastic kings Renedra.

Visit the web-site for pictures of the plastic and more details including mult-box deals and some new Saxon Thegn transfers from our chums at Little Big Men Studios.