Grindhouse Games announce Paint Grind 2010

Grindhouse Games have posted details of a Secrets of the Third Reich painting contest.

From their website:

By February 15, 2010, post pictures of your entries in this thread on the forums. You may enter any infantry unit of 5 or more models that is legal in either SoTR, Incursion (at least 5 models from one side or the other), or the Berlin or Bust beta OoB. Dioramas are cool. All entries, to be elegible to win, must contain at least some West Wind or Grindhouse elements on every model. This could be just heads for example.

Winners will be chosen by the community on the forums as is our tradition. You must sign your name to your vote. You may not vote for yourself when voting time comes around. Note that since the judging is by the community, technical painting is not necessarily king. You just have to put up pictures of models that all your peers want to take home