Greebo Miniatures has new Reptilian Council figs

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jun 5th, 2012

Greebo Miniatures has some new Reptilian Council figures available up on their website. Go have a look-see.

From the update:

Let’s be honest; by the end of this volume, how many times have we found that a civilization is really old? But none of the civilizations of Trikearth are as old as Thornwell; a veritable jungle, populated by a diverse range of reptilian creatures. In a jungle you would always expect to find a wide variety of creatures, but there is always a dominant race, and in the case of Thronwell with its tropical rains, it fell to the reptiles.

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  • blackfang

    These… are Pokemon, right?


    Definately a Pokemon look and really super cartoonish but…I actually really like them >_>

    Probably mostly because one reminds me of Anguirus!


    (There’s no edit on comments? Bummer…)

    Okay I’ve just been to the actual site seeing that they’re for the fantasy football game.
    I want them all!!
    As long as they aren’t pre-painted.

    • BryanMerlonghi

      What scale are these miniatures? Would they work for 15mm? It seems like they would…


    Well site says “all in scale 10mm so very portable”, think they have 15mm ones also but not specifically for their own FF game.

    Still cant find out if prepainted…store has them listed under prepainted but has examples of others painted works X_x

  • Nightbee

    They’re more or less 15mm scale. Those are 20mm bases, if that gives a better idea of their size.

    They were designed for Greebo’s Tutatis – a Gaelic football game, but could certainly be used for Blood Bowl.