Greebo has limited edition dwarf mummy

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Sports
Mar 27th, 2012

Greebo shows off a limited-edition dwarf mummy on their website. It won’t be there forever, so if you’re gonna act, do it now!

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  • Schogun

    “Oh my God! There’s an axe in my head”

    …in 112 languages.

  • Werewolf8

    thats a really cool fig. the axe kind of overpowers the rest of the fig though, i would like to see an axe free version.

  • Nightbee

    So…did he get the axe in his head while playing football? Or was he killed by the axe and then they mummified him with it intact?

    I liked the first mummy better, and agree that the axe is too prominent in this one.

  • Orca

    Again not for me