Greebo adds Ninja Turtles and Villains to Nippo Goblin campaign

Greebo has added some pretty excited new concepts to their Nippo Goblin team over on IndieGoGo. How about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Villains!?

From the update:

We want make more! Nippo team can’t be very Nippo without rat and turtles! And we want to add them to the perks! In future we will do also more rats for the Nippo Underworld team.

  • Did they get the license from Nickelodeon?

    • Nightbee

      Do you work for Nickelodeon? Own Viacom stock?

      • No?

        Do I wish to see a small company do something stupid like blatantly steal IP and get sued?

        There is a difference between homage/parody models, and copying a design. These guys (Especially Krang) are dead on to TMNT, as opposed to the Relic Knights cosplay figures or Zombicide survivors which are close enough for a ‘wink wink, nod nod, say no more’ homage.

        • Nightbee

          I don’t know, I’ve seen a bunch of Dr. Who/Indiana Jones/Lara Croft/Buffy/etc. figures and never heard about any kickback. Regardless, if you were really concerned about this small company, you would have taken five minutes to find their contact information instead of asking a rhetorical question here.

          Back when this site was moderated, Zac enacted a rule against discussing copyright infringement. I would guess that this is mostly because it was so tiresome, but probably also because it’s none of our business.

          • It was a genuine question, small companies have gotten IP Licenses before and I was curious if they did. Judging from the the fact they’ve now changed the names (But not the dead on character designs), its looking like they don’t have the license.

            If there is currently a rule about asking if someone has a license to a product, I’m sorry for asking and this thread can be deleted. If there isn’t, then its a valid question.

            Are you a dick to everyone, or just us? You seem to have some beef with us and like to be snarky whenever I directly post something on TTGN.

          • cybogoblin

            Sadly, this is the internet. It’s way too easy for people to act in a dickish manner (or come across that way). Take a look at the vitriol some of the DreadBall articles have been getting, ironically over something that is, essentially, an IP issue.

            As for the original question, I think it’s valid. If Greebo did indeed have the license, that is pretty dang exciting.

          • Nightbee

            The altered names were on Kickstarter when I first saw the drawing Thursday afternoon, well prior to the time that you posed your “question.” Thus, it read(s) as rhetorical to me.

          • Unforgiven88

            Nightbee your a dick.

            It was a fair question, a question that leads to..

            A) Will I actually get the product I pay for if this company gets sued..


            B) Will I see more TMNT minis coming out?

            Don’t jump on people’s jock with snippy comments like “Umm excuse me, uh do you own stock in those? Snark snark snark”

            You’re not helping anyone or defending the interwebs.

            Shut up.

          • WiznardofOd

            Wow, Unforgiven88.

            You need a time out.

            Nightbee might have been being snarky, but your just being a bully.

            It is hard to take your complaint seriously when you talk like that.


          • Soulfinger

            Plus, it should be “you’re a dick.” It’s a contraction of “you are,” whereas Unforgiven88 phrased it possessively, “your a dick,” like Nightbee has a grade-A penis. Bad language and bad grammar mix as well as drinking and driving — awesome for you, but a car wreck to just about everyone else.

          • 4tonmantis

            Perhaps the best addition I’ve seen to a message board in months. A+ post πŸ˜›

      • Soulfinger

        Are you Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird?

        • They sold everything to Nickelodeon about a year ago.

        • skullking

          I am them…

          • Soulfinger

            I just wanted in on the whole Guess Who thing. Does your guy wear a hat?

          • Zematus

            On the Lamb produces Brush Fire, a skirmish game with anthropomorphic animals… so they might actually be interested in following where TMNT rights go.

  • WiznardofOd


    Copyright issues aside,

    I would love to see a whole TMNT range, especially based on some of the old Palladium Post-Apocalyptic stuff.

    Ahh delightful memories of a misspent youth…


  • Nice pictures but the moment I saw them I thought ‘I guess they’ll never reach production’ because of the IP thing.

    Hopefully, Greebo have the rights and these become available because they would make excellent miniatures if they are done well (and not too cartoon-like).

    The statement ‘it is none of our business’ is an odd one. Of course it is our business because if they don’t own the rights, they are stealing and that always leads to someone getting hard done by.

    • Agree, and moreover, if they happen to not hold the rights, they are knowingly promising people miniatures they will most likely not be allowed to produce, which in my book borderlines fraud. I have asked them on Indigogo, will see if they answer.

      • Well, they say that they only took them as an inspiration. From which I extrapolate that hey don’t hold any rights.
        They have posted a new sketch for the villains and they do look less close to their ‘inspiration’ now.

  • Weasel-Fierce

    Anyone know what scale these are?

  • Hi All πŸ™‚

    Only one thing to say:

    Humanoid Nippo Turtle are free from IP.
    Have you see our final concept?
    WhereRino WhereRazrobck , Flash SteamGolem with Minflayer head joined, and generic NIppo Guys are also free to do.
    All our model are only inspirited but our original IP. We will sculpt extra head, arms and weapons, for custom the model, so you can have a WhereRino, or a Wherebear, or a WhereTiger. You can have turtle with hat, with mask, with bandage. With or without weapon. You are totaly free to do, and we are totaly free to work on this side, because we don’t sell the TMNT model, they ar enot our. We sell customizable models for our Turtles Nippo Team, Mous Nippo Team and Wherebeast Nippo Team.

    This is all πŸ™‚

  • 4tonmantis

    lol, well, that’s certainly a simple way to see it. The problem with that is that the turtles themselves are almost the spitting image of the new character designs Nickelodeon will be using.
    Also if you started the fundraiser with one set of concept art and then changed it after people had pledged.. that’s pretty dirty and I see a lot of upset people in your future.

  • Soulfinger

    It’s like how GW had no problems whatsoever with Chapterhouse being “inspired” by their IP. Fortunately, American media companies are even more amicable about sharing their IPs. We are by no means a litigious society. There is NOW WAY that anyone could mistake the Nippo Turtle for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, particularly if one of them is wearing a hat!

    • 4tonmantis

      Your sarcasm is staggering.. if it weren’t for the subpoena and harsh letters I’d probably find this funny πŸ˜›

  • When we have posted the first concept we have write that concept was only temporary and will be changed soon. And we have made that.
    In my opinion, the new turtle are only turtle, different from the TMNT. Also the villains are different and made for other thing.
    If people want buy them and assembly them with particular poses and combo and modify to have some likely TMNT, we can do nothing for that, people can do what they want.
    Rhino head, are a simple rhino head. Also razorback is a simple razorback. The body are simple body that can be used for Ogre or troll.