Great Conqueror Timur figure released

Altar Modelling have released a 25mm figure of the Great Conqueror Timur.


From their announcement:

Altar releases the 25mm resin figure of the Great Conqeuror Timur. His name literally meant “Iron” in eastern Chatagai Turkish language. Unfortunately, he is improperly known as ‘Tamerlane’ in the world.

Timur, one of the greatest soldiers and statesmen in Turkish and world history was born in 1336 in Hoca Ilgar village near Sehr-i Sebz at Samarkand, Uzbekistan. He managed to unite the disperse Turkish and Mongol tribes in the region and with his superior military talents he achieved major conquests. Timur took a wide geography under his control. Except for China, he conquered entire Asia. From deep into Russia to Mongolia, from India, Caucasus to Iraq, Syria and Anatolia, he dominated all powers in these areas. In 1402, he even managed to defeat mighty Ottomans which was under another great Turkish soldier and statesman, Sultan Bayezid in Ankara. Timur managed to establish a strong army and strong state without getting help from anyone or without inheritance. Resin figure comes with original box and documents.