Graven Games reviews Junkers Exosuit from Urban Mammoth

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 20th, 2012

Graven Games has posted a review up of the Junkers Exosuit from Urban Mammoth.

From the review:

Today we are taking a look at the Exosuit with Cestus and Chaingun, a 25mm heavy infantry model from Urban Mammoth. This heavily armed and armoured miniature is part of the Junkers faction of Urban Mammoth’s tabletop skirmish game: Urban War 2nd edition. The Junkers are one of 8 factions in the Urban War universe and are known for their use of vast, aggressive armies made up of legions of convicts.

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  • lordofexcess

    Where is the angry ranting at these guys that was leveled at Spartan? Talk about fiddly rules, crazy “abandoned” rulesets, etc. … lol

    • Kolonel K

      I’m just shocked that they’re still in business, more than anything.