Graven Games posts Clanking Behemoth Review

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 13th, 2013

Graven Games takes a look at the Clanking Behemoth from Kromlech in their latest review article.
That model really makes me want to play Orks again.


From the review:

Join us today as we build the unstoppable looking Clanking Behemoth from Kromlech, a huge stomping war machine which would be right at home in a Warhmmer 40k Ork army, or other 28mm wargames including those with post-apocalyptic or steampunk themes. We previously looked at the Kromlech’s Orc Juggernauts in Mecha Armour, and Clanking Destroyers, so let see how this brutal mechanical giant compares.

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