Graven Games posts 28mm Farmhouse Ruin Review

Graven Games takes a look at the 28mm Ruined Farmhouse terrain kit from Timeline Miniatures and lets us know what they think about it in this new review article.


From the post:

Today we’re building the 28mm Farmhouse Ruin kit from Timeline Miniatures, a company who produce a range of wargaming accessories and buildings in 28mm, 20mm, and 15mm scales. The 28mm Farmhouse Ruin is a low cost kit designed for Bolt Action and similar WWII themed game systems, but we also think its got potential elsewhere in post-apocalyptic settings and even RPGs such as D&D – So many tabletop games make use of ruined scenery.

  • surprize

    Interesting review. Personally I’d like to see wargames reviewers push it a little more and give us more of the positives and negatives of kits/games, and personal opinion.

    There are useful things to be taken out of an article like this, don’t get me wrong, I’d just prefer if a few more reviewers gave us articles a bit more like film/restaurant/book/hotel/etc/etc reviews. This is what *I* like, dislike, could be made better…

    I guess the scope of the article is more reviewing how easy the kit is to put together, but again would add an extra level of interest to this and other similar types of reviews by other reviewers to say how it might play in Bolt Action (the game the reviewer says likely designed/marketed for) i.e. interactions with line-of-sight, getting bases inside