Grand Ambition by Stephen Danes now at Saber’s Edge

grandambition.jpgSaber’s Edge is now offering PDFs of the Grand Ambition rules by Stephen Danes.

From their announcement:
Saber’s Edge is proud to offer Grand Ambition, wargame rules for the wars of Janes II, Louis XIV, and William III by Stephen Danes (author of Father Tilly and Bloody Kingdom)

This later period of the 17th Century saw the rise of the standing army: regular troops, funded by the state and employed all year round. This period also saw significant developments in weaponry and tactics and it is these changes that are reflected in these rules.

Included in the Grand Ambition rule book are sections detailing the organization of troops and the types of formations and tactics deployed. All of the rules necessary to run the game, including Initiative, Game Sequence, and Movement, Shooting and Combat, Orders and Morale for individual units and the army as a whole, plus extensive army lists are also provided.

In addition to this is the section describing the war-tokens and their use, plus a system regulating the deployment of armies and a system for generating battlefield terrain.

There is also a section with information for converting the game to lower level company actions, plus a method for generating scenarios for smaller scale engagements. The rules provide a scenario which includes a map and order of battle for the game. And, finally, the war-tokens for use in Grand Ambition games.

$16.00 USD PDF