Grafe’s Steel Legion pre-orders end August 18th

Mantic Games will stop taking pre-orders for their Dwarf Grafe’s Steel Legion army deal on AUgust 18th.

Bezerker Lord

From their announcement:

On the 18th August we will stop taking pre-orders for Grafe’s Steel Legion Army Deal and start shipping them out. Pre-order deals always offer the best discounts and early delivery, with advance shipping on a few lines.

Oh yes, but not only that this is the last week you can order this awesome Army Deal, after the 18th August it’s being changed back into a regular Dwarf army deal with less models in it.

This unbelievable army set contains:

  • 40 plastic Dwarf Ironclads Warriors,
  • 2 full regiments with command.
  • 40 plastic Dwarf Ironwatch
  • 4 Ironbelcher Cannon/organ guns
  • 1 free metal Flamebelcher
  • 5 metal Veteran Ironguard Warriors.

Also included in this set is 10 metal Dwarf Berserkers and one free Dwarf Kings War Counsel, the Dwarf hero set containing four metal heroes including a Dwarf King, Standard Bearer, Warsmith and a Berserker hero. By purchasing this pre-release army deal, not only do you receive the Kings War Counsel absolutely free, but you also receive the Counsel and Berserkers one month before they go on general release.

Anyone who has already pre-ordered the set, or who pre-orders it will also receive a free Mantic Messenger bag to transport your brand new army so click here for Grafe’s Steel Legion and get it while you can.