Gordon & Hague post video preview of their upcoming game Severed Union

Gordon and Hague shows off a new video showing pieces from their new game: Severed Union.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Gordon & Hague Historical Wargames, makers of 10mm pre-painted American Civil War miniatures and the Severed Union miniatures game, have posted a teaser video showing images of games of Severed Union.

  • They have been sold out of product for months. Seem to be having supply and production issues. Video is all fine and dandy but with no inventory available why bother? Considered starting to collect this range, but if the company is all ready well on the way to disappearing from the market why should I ?

  • tredhed

    I will interested to see their WW1 and Zulu stuff if they get them out. Unfortunately Civil War era stuff just doesn’t interest me. I do find the idea of pre-painted 10mm intriguing and want to see more.

  • JodiePascal

    Why is everyone so opposed to painting figures nowadays? I thing the G&H figures kinda suck (the rifles look awful). Their rules on the other hand are fantastic compared to some of the others out there. They have just the right amount of historicalness to make it a war game and have cut all the calculus to make it playable! I am going to use the rules for my armies of 3mm (that’s right 3mm) Civil War figures I found at Pico Armor.

    • Dorb

      Not Opposed, just work 9hrs a day and 4 extra every other Saturday for the last 25 years. Don’t have the time but do have the money.(plus already have tons of 40k and FOW that I will paint one of these days…yea right) How do the paint jobs look on 3mm? Lots of detail? I happen to really like their pre-painted stuff, so to each their own, if you got the time or the money we can at least share the rules. Ha. (I do wish they would re-stock soon)

  • tredhed

    I am not opposed to painting figs. But having a bunch of minis for 4 other game systems, other hobbies, a 3 year old, a wife…etc etc etc…..I dont mind prepainted and would like to see more of this kinda stuff happen. I would much rather game than paint.

  • Grim6

    I’m confused that it’s called an upcoming game. The rules have been available since 12 Jan. Is this a new version of Severed Union? I see reference to Severed Union II, but the pictures are all the same ones from the rules I’ve already got.

    Very interested, just not sure if this is an update (after 1.5 months?) or what.

  • Lebayonet

    Its just an update to the original rulebook with some new rule tweaks etc.
    They said it should be posted this weekend.

  • Space Ghost

    Haven’t seen it at the LGS yet, but in regards to prepainted figures … I have tons of unpainted minis I need to get to, and none of this period …. the idea of starting from scratch again on a new period is a bar to entering into a new period.