Gordon & Hague releases 10mm Plastic/Prepainted ACW Figures

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Jan 2nd, 2012

Gordon & Hague releases prepainted 10 cm American Civil War figures:

From their website:

Our First product is Severed Union 1861-1865: An American Civil Wargame. The miniatures are 10mm scale and require no assembly or painting; they are ready for the battlefield right out of their blister packs. The line is supported by a first edition rulebook that is free to download off of this site. If you are experienced with other rule-sets, we more than welcome you to use them with our miniatures if they are compatible. Our objective is to provide a line of miniatures that allow gamers quick and easy access to the wargaming hobby with minimal prep time. We also hope to provide a quick way for veteran gamers to transition into other genres and time periods without having to spend months modeling a new army.

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  • parrot1500

    If this is a real thing, and the minis are decent, then WOW. Double-super WOW.

  • TGN Ross

    I dont know why this wouldnt be a real thing. Their website talks all about their product.


    It looks pretty cool to me.

  • Monkey

    Wow thats pretty sweet, now they just need to do this for AWI and I would be in

  • It’s not only very real – but the products have been out for a few months and have racked up some great reviews. Great concept, great company – really nice people too.

  • LegoRick

    I currently own a ‘Grand Army Box’ for both the Federals and Confederates, and can honestly say these figures are awesome. The figures look even better in person, and yes they are completely painted/based. I’ve since printed off the rules for ‘Severed Union’, their free PnP rule set, off of their website so I can start playing.

  • CATterrain

    Wow … first I get a post on the front page of reddit/politics and now my news feed makes it on TGNs front page too. 2012 is turning out to be a great year for me online. I only wish I could have tagged/categorized this OP as ACW. (And I second the request for AWI figs…)

  • sjb1001

    Any chance of a European distributor? The last 4 sets of kit I have had from Litko and 1:1200 archictectural models have got nailed at custons, 20% VAT is a pain but then the Royal Mail whack on another delivery charge (even though it has been paid once to USPS) – usually works out as much as the VAT……

  • Magister Militum

    Talking of European Distributors, we have just had our first stock of these in (the grand army and starter boxes). I will have them up on our website as soon as I have worked out the price (there is a customs duty charge along with the VAT and I need to see if that is going to be normal or just a one off problem working out the classification). http://www.magistermilitum.com


    Richard Clewer, Magister Militum