Good news for international backers for Wasteland Game Studio Kickstarter

Wasteland Game Studio has some good news for international backers for their 6mm terrain Kickstarter project.


From the update:

If you’re an international backer looking to customize your pledge with a few add-ons, good news! I’ve added a new shipping option for up to 175g of add-ons which ships worldwide at no additional cost. You’ll pay $14 just like add-ons heading to North America – check out the updated Pledge Calculator to see what goodies you can add.

And as an added bonus, I’ve tweaked the packaging on Outpost level pledges to make them lighter, so that pledges at that level now also ship FREE worldwide (Kickstarter won’t let me change the description of a reward after someone has selected it, so you’ll just need to ignore the mention of international shipping).