Golgo Island PDF now available

PDFnews.jpgA PDF of the Golgo Island rules is now available from WargameDownloads.

From their announcement:
For those of you who have never heard of it, Golgo Island is a fast-paced Pulp/Mulp game built around the WarEngine system (previously incarnated in ShockForce and GWAR: Rumble in Antarctica by DemonBlade games) aimed at bringing all kind of over-the-top action focusing on Pulp or B-Movies heroes to your tabletop for fast-paced, tongue in the cheek games.

Gangsters, kung-fu, sci-fi, horror… – any genre that involves heroes rivaling in unbelievable feats against hordes of helpless villains or apparently undefeatable adversity can be played in the loose and convenient setting of a lost, out of time island where everything is possible and any approximation will be forgiven . As it that can do more can do less, the rules can be used for a melting pot of the above or any of them specifically, so the Golgo Island rules can be used for anything from the ever popular zombie games to treasure hunting among many other things.
Golgo Island offers fast and intuitive play, alternate unit activation, game balance guided by a point system, and completely adaptable scenarios and game conditions that require neither an umpire, a game master, or even charts to look up. All you need -besides a copy of the rules- is a handful of miniatures, some six-sided dice (D6’s), a tape measure and a roughly 3’ x 3’ playing area…

Thanks to simple yet dynamic game mechanics, heroes and henchmen face player and non-player opponents as well as (more or less) random events in non-stop action and pass-me-the-pop-corn atmosphere. The amount of details and non-player intervention can be tailored out depending on your scenario’s requirements and the number of players involved, so while the game is best played with up to 4 players you can easily enjoy it with many more of them on board.

This PDF costs $13.95 and contains:
•The compiled WarEngine and Golgo Island rules.
•Background on Golgo Island and its denizens.
•Profiles for over 60 ready-to-play characters and henchmen.
•A profile builder section, complete with special powers, traits, and a point value system, to help you create your own balanced yet characterful profiles.
•7 scenarios, and scenario special rules and guidelines to help you adapt them to your needs and imagination.
• … and more.

Remember there is a Yahoo Group for you to get updates, share, ask whatever questions you may have – or just talk about the game.