Gobby Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Well… this one’s a bit different. I sure hope you brushed your teeth, as they’re going to be on full display when you play Gobby, a new party card game that’s up on Kickstarter. If anyone’s familiar with “Chubby Bunny”, it’s sort of like that, but in reverse.

In the game, players take turns putting in their gobby (the plastic thing that holds your lips and cheeks out of the way so your teeth are front and center). They then take a phrase starter card and a phrase ender card and read them out. The other players then try and guess what the person said (see what I mean about Chubby Bunny, but in reverse?). There’s both a family friendly version as well as an “adult red deck” for those that like their games a bit… *cough*… cheeky.

Anyway, the game’s up on Kickstarter now, with the campaign set to go for another 29 days.


  • odinsgrandson

    Where’s Soulfinger when you need him?

  • Am I alone in wishing Tabletop News didn’t bother to inform us about these lame Kickstarter party games?

    • pinolo

      Am I alone in wishing Universal Head didn’t bother to post useless comments here on TGM and spends the time to make more beautiful play-aids instead ?

      • Thanks mate. Perhaps I am then. You’re right, it’s pointless commenting on anything here.

        • Everyone is welcome to their opinion, and it is certainly alright for people to post that opinion here in the comments.

          Not every game is going to appeal to every gamer. That’s just simple math. It all just comes down to what games you enjoy and want to see news of. For example, if I only posted news about games that just interested me, personally, you’d see a much different posting profile on the site. But obviously, I can’t do that. I post a bit about everything. Party games. Historical Miniatures. 15mm. 32mm. Card Games. Dice Games. Sci-Fi. Fantasy. And on and on. One person might come to the site and go, “why are they posting all this 40k stuff? That game hasn’t been good for a decade.” Another might go, “Deck-building games are absolutely awful. Why are they posting about another one?” Another might go, “Geeze, another fantasy RPG? Don’t we have a billion of those already?”

          But, instead, I would hope that they would focus on the other stories that /do/ interest them. Ok, so UH, you obviously didn’t like this story. I get that, and it’s fine. But, instead, perhaps of posting, “I think this post is worthless” why not go to some of the other posts that you did find interesting and post a positive comment about that? Didn’t find anything today that you liked? Well, maybe something from yesterday caught your eye. Or maybe you’ll find something tomorrow. With posting habits like that, we could raise the positive comments level of the site.

          • Sorry mate, it may be an age thing, but I’m not moved to post “this is great” very often. Anyway, instead of saying ‘this post is worthless’ which I didn’t do, I was asking if I was the only one out there who thought that the waves of (IMHO lame and often cash grab) Kickstarter party games didn’t have much of a place on a site dedicated to boardgames, miniatures games and roleplaying games. To me they are a completely different category of mainstream game – you don’t post when a new version of Monopoly or the latest My Little Pony game comes out. I may however, be completely alone in this view, which is why I asked.

            The reason I then replied to pinolo that it’s pointless posting here, is that if I do make a comment and someone replies in a personal way – in this case, calling my comments ‘useless’ – there’s obviously no point continuing. I also realised that there’s very little discussion going on here anyway so I’m pretty much screaming into the void anyway.

            Perhaps he replied that way because my comment wasn’t positive, but it still does seem a waste of time if I have to always carefully point out the obvious – which is that my comment is my opinion only and no one is forced to share it.

            IMHO (obviously – what a pain it is having to put that in all the time!) sites can survive and flourish when people have spirited discussions; there is room for most types of personalities, and people saying less than positive things occasionally can be interesting and amusing. Obviously there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed and everyone should be civil. I did make an effort to make my post in a way that wasn’t just negative. I thought perhaps some of the other TGN readers might agree with me, which would result in valuable feedback for you Polar Bear.

            None of these comments, to be clear, are intended to be personal or cause offense to anyone, alive or dead. 🙂

            Whew, that was a bit long for the morning! Coffee please! 🙂

  • n815e

    I didn’t know this kind of thing was allowed on this site…