Goalsystem Delves PDF released at Wargamedownloads.com

Goalsystem Delves now has their game rules PDF available over at Wargamedownloads. Go check it out.

From the announcement:

The Kickstarter successful Goalsystem Delves from Four-Color Studio has been released in PDF form at Wargamedownloads.com

Goalsystem Delves provides rules and adventures for playing character-driven skirmish games in fantasy worlds of mysteries, magic, and monsters. These rules harken back to the days of classic dungeon crawls and the world’s most popular fantasy RPG. Players take the roles of a group of hardened adventurers seeking treasure, glory, and the defeat of the festering evils that remain hidden in the darkest corners of forgotten dungeons.

Goalsystem Delves seamlessly blends RPG and tabletop miniature elements into a fast paced tabletop experience that provides the depth of an RPG with the fast paced action of a tactical miniatures game. Delves plays fast, allowing players to run a multi-encounter Adventure in a single session and epic campaigns over multiple sessions.

Using the proven and popular Goalsystem, Delves delivers character driven action that’s deep enough for RPG gamers and fast enough for miniature gamers.

  • I backed the kickstarter and recently read through the rules, very impressive. The rulebook is over 200 pages chocked full of great information. What I like most apart from the standard fare, is that there are many good descriptions and ideas of what to do in specific situations. The situations I’m referring to are usually the ones where a rulebook doesn’t cover and you just roll some dice and hope the math was correct. In this manual, no matter what you could dream up, they’ve found a way to account for it with probability. Highly recommend this system.