Go for a drink with Warmill

Warmill has released their new Mk4 version of their Street Bar terrain piece over in their webshop.
I could go for a drink…


From the release:

We’re pleased to announce the release of our Invigorating and Refreshing Beverage Dispensary mk4, ready to provide delicious drinks and snacks to any weary 28mm sci-fi miniature! Available in 4 franchises, add a bit of Warmill character to your urban table.

RIBD_4, it’s everybody’s pleasure!

  • surprize

    Conflict of interest declaration; I know these guys and had a few games of Infinity against one of them last year.

    That said I never fail to be impressed at how well they and Warsenal in the States disguise the fact their pieces are MDF. There are virtually no exposed lugs or joins on this piece I can see and the roof seems to be held together with pegs that are disguised as lamps. Seems like a top piece of engineering.

    • 4tonmantis

      Yeah the two you mentioned are my favorite of the new companies. Underground Lasers are pretty decent but there are a lot of obvious joins. I’ll be putting in an order once I get my Battle Systems and Gears for Gamers boards in.

  • Tamwulf

    This really looks like a great piece of terrain! And it’s not really that expensive considering the size and quality.