Gnomish Adventurers up on Kickstarter from Stonehaven Miniatures

Stonehaven Miniatures has just over a week left in their Gnomish Adventurers Kickstarter campaign. They’ve already made it over $75k (when they were originally hoping for $3,500), so if you wanted stretch goals, there’s plenty that’ve already been taken care of.

From the campaign:

The Gnomish Adventurers Box Set Project is about creating miniatures to represent a set of 5 Gnome heroes. The Group will include a wizard, a warrior, a thief, an archer, and an artificer. The goal here is simple: get the 5 miniatures sculpted, cast, and distributed to all of you! We have a variety of stretch goals planned that will enhance and diversify your Gnome Adventurers. The Gnomes will represent a relatively balanced adventuring party and/or a selection of Gnome heroes to lead any fantasy army.

The Gnomes will be sculpted by sculptor Mike Evans on a 28 millimeter heroic scale and cast in lead-free white pewter metal; fitting well with almost all tabletop wargaming and RPG miniatures.

  • I am already on board for the completionist, looking very much to seeing these guys in metal in the future!

  • I’m not a huge fan of gnomes, but I can say that I jumped in on the first Stonehaven Kickstarter and I was beyond happy with the product! hopefully they’ll do something more my speed next (Orcs, Goblins, etc.).