Glory Games post free Rollerball rules

Glory Games have posted a free PDF with their rules for Rollerball.


From their announcement:

The designer of Speed Rally is sending out a free game as a holiday gift.

“When I was growing up I loved the movie Rollerball,” says JP Trostle. “Not the awful remake, but the one and only 1975 distopian classic. A decade ago I created a miniatures game to play this fictional future sport, and friends and I have had a lot of fun with it. Over the years I got a lot of requests for the rules, and have finally decided to give them away.

“After investigating the possibility of doing a sanctioned game, I determined to release the rules for free under Creative Commons licensing. Due to copyright factors, the name is now called Rülerball … yes, with an umlaut over the u… but it is still the violent death sport you know and love.

“For the forseeable future, anyone can download a PDF of the rules, complete with track sections and playing pieces directly from my site“.

“Everything can be printed out on a standard color printer, and there are also guidelines as to how you can build your own 3-D arena.