Gioconomicon Focus On Ex Illis

Italian gaming site Gioconomicon will be producing a series of gaming articles about Ex Illis.

From their announcement:

The gaming site is launching an exclusive initiative for the gaming community aimed at both hardcore gamers and professional operators: Gioconomicon Focus On.

The gaming universe is constantly evolving: publishers and designers from all around the world are always offering new ideas, new ways to transform the way people play, and new methods to use advanced technology to boost traditional hobbies.

For years Gioconomicon has been reporting news from international markets, keeping updated its italian readers through a constant link with foreign authors and publishers. But many titles featured in our previews and articles never make it to the gaming boards of our country, due to mere marketing limitations. Exactly for this reason we bring you Gioconomicon Focus On: a thorough look at games “not yet” available in our national stores, which then becomes also a practical experience.

Such games are first evaluated and previewed by our staff, then offered as a demo-event in Italian conventions and fairs attended by our crew. So we are not just analyzing and describing a new game, we let players and publishers/distributors touch it first hand.

The first title under our Focus On lens is Ex illis, a canadian novelty by Bastion Studio.

Ex illis represents the last frontier in the field of innovation and experimentation applied to strategy board games.

It uses both a tridimensional landscape (composed of detailed plastic modular terrain-squares and fine plastic miniatures) and a specifically designed software to create a unique game experience. On the table you can clearly visualize the strategic situation and decide your next move, while the software goes through the math required to resolve the actions and battles.

This application is already available for personal computers, netbooks and mobile devices such as the iPhone. It allows the game to use an incredibly detailed and complex ruleset without burdening the players or slowing down the pace of the game, and to enforce an experience-system for the troops making them more valuable over time.

Since its first appearence in April 2009, Ex illis keeps generating interest all over the world. On the 13th and 14th of March, during the event PLAY 2010 – IL FESTIVAL DEL GIOCO held in Modena, italian players will try this absolute novelty at the tables hosted by In this occasion we’ll set up an introductory scenario aimed at learning the basic game mechanics and getting a feeling of the game software.

More details about the army composition and the fictional setting of the Ex illis game will be released on the website in the weeks preceding PLAY.

The Gioconomicon Focus On: Ex illis initiative has been made possible by the collaboration of Bastion Studio and PLAY – IL FESTIVAL DEL GIOCO.