Giochi Uniti Srl will Release a New Edition of Blue Max

Giochi Uniti Srl is proud to announce the new upcoming release for the game line Stratelibri: the new edition of a classic boardgame, Blue Max:

From their post:

Further details about the publication, the characteristics of the new edition, and release date will be announced in the future. Blue Max will be published in all major languages and distributed in all countries of reference for the board games market.

  • Great news. This was the game that got me interested in “airplane” games.

    • tredhed

      LOL…interesting….it got me into airplane games too.

  • cama

    One of my favourites – cannot wait!

  • aengusprime

    The old Blue Max is the best air combat game.

    • aengusprime

      But I never had the chance to buy it, so I´m waiting anxious for this new edition!!

  • Dorb

    Great news. Have tons of Wings of War minis waiting to take off for this.

  • Hum, that’s a nice new… but I prefer actually CRIMSON SKIES (fasa edition, not the crappy wizkids pastiche), the movement rules are almost the same and CS includes and improves the GREAT damage system from the Renegade Legion series…

    A re-edition (and retake of the franchise) for Crimson Skies will suit better for me 🙂