GF9’s HeroClix accessories return

Gale Force 9 are once again selling their HeroClix accessory set.

HeroClix accessories

From their announcement:

Gale Force Nine is pleased to announce that we have reached a licensing agreement with WizKids/NECA to make our popular line of HeroClix accessories available once again. All of our original 3-D barrier markers, Action/Pushed tokens, Smoke Markers and Game Maps are now available in the GF9 Online Store and will soon return to store shelves wherever HeroClix are sold. Our 3-D markers are laser cut from bright and durable plastic. These vinyl maps are now printed with same technique as our other popular game mats for a smooth, long-lasting and colorful finish.

Gale Force Nine’s never-ending battle to provide you with the greatest accessories for HeroClix will continue as we add new barrier and terrain markers and vinyl Game Mats. Look for new accessories all next year.

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