GF9 release accessories for Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures

Gale Force 9 have released two new accessories for the Axis and Allies War at Sea game.


From their website:

Gale Force Nine is pleased to present new accessories for Wizards of the Coast Axis and Allies Naval Miniatures battle game.

Now you can upgrade the two-part paper map from your original starter set with our new Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures Battle Map – Ocean. This game mat is a high quality, durable, great-looking vinyl mat, perfect for staging your battles. The Battle Mat – Ocean comes in a sturdy polycarbonate tube for easy transport and storage. It is a single 40″ x 30″ map that lays flat for ease of play. Also, to really bring your battles to life, consider adding some our Pirates 3D Island miniatures to your map.

Our other big release is our Fleet Base system for Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures. The Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures Bases contain some of the most critical information players need to reference during play: Armor, Vital Armor, Hull Points and Speed. A national icon allows players to distinguish between each others fleets. Each set includes bases for everything from the biggest battleships to the smallest cruisers and airplanes.

Each base is laser cut from clear blue plastic that looks great on a watery gaming table. Axis and Allies ships can be easily attached to their base with poster putty for a strong, temporary bond that won’t harm your ships or bases. Some miniatures such as planes and submarines already have clear bases, in this case the GF9 base has a cut-out that the model’s base fits into.

Our first series of bases cover the War at Sea collection. Look for Fleet Bases for Task Force and Flank Speed in the near future. Also in early 2010, exclusively on the Gale Force Nine Online store, we’ll be selling individual bases for your ships, submarines and planes. With official Gale Force Nine accessories for Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures Bases, games go faster, battles are resolved easily and everyone has more fun.

Look for Gale Force Nine Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures accessories in your favorite game & hobby store or get them direct from the Gale Force Nine Online Store.