GF9 Previews Firefly: Pirates & Bounty Hunters

Gale Force 9 has a new preview up of their upcoming expansion for the Firefly board game with a look at Pirates & Bounty Hunters.


From them to you:

The ‘Verse is full of desperate people on the run, some are good folk who found themselves in a difficult spot, while others are the lowest of the low, perpetrators of heinous crimes. Bounty Hunting may or may not be an honorable profession, and it certainly isn’t a safe profession, but it pays. A captain in need of funds just might keep an eye out for any fugitive postings that come across the Cortex and try to apprehend one of these dangerous fugitives. But with a big payday at stake, there will always be other hunters gunnin’ for your prey.

Check out our first look at Firefly: The Game – Pirates & Bounty Hunters with rules for the all new Bounty Deck, a look at some of the individual Bounty Cards and details on apprehending the target.